Spotlight on BBK Volunteer – Virginia

What we get done at the Books Between Kids warehouse would be impossible without the help of hundreds of volunteers giving of themselves and their time. Some volunteers come just once or twice. Others come once, get hooked and then come often – and these volunteers we have the opportunity to get to know and love. One of these “repeat offenders” is very special to us because she has been with us since Books Between Kids was just a wild idea for its founders, Amy and Sandra. Her name is Virginia. And with her encouragement and regular appearances at the warehouse, Virginia has become an integral part of Books Between Kids and a constant source of inspiration as we work to make our big crazy dream a reality.

Full disclosure – Virginia is 90. And Virginia can run circles around most everyone – and don’t we know it. Bright-eyed and quick with a smile and a kind comment, everyone loves to see her in the office. If you have been to the warehouse lately, you know of “Virginia’s Box”, a box of books in need of some TLC. Virginia lovingly repairs these books with skill, scissors and a lot of tape, giving books that are a little roughly used another chance to belong to a child.

Born in Laredo, Virginia settled in Edinburg and raised her three children there. Once her youngest was off on his own, she decided it was time to see the world. She felt that the surest way to accomplish that goal was to apply with the American Department of Defense to be a teacher. Assigned first to the American military base in Yokota, Japan, she taught high school history and business there for 12 years. After a brief time back in the US, she then returned to teaching high school business courses on a military base, this time in Korea. While she was overseas, she traveled to many memorable places, including Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt.

Eventually, the desire to be close to family led her to relocate to Houston where two of her children and their families live. However, she shows no signs of slowing down. Virginia is very involved with her family and friends, active with her church and Delta Kappa Gamma, and her retirement community, and still finds time to help out at the Books Between Kids warehouse two or three times a month.

We are so very grateful to all of our volunteers, but as you can tell, Virginia is dear to our hearts. Thank you, Virginia, for your time and dedication. Your selfless commitment to others is an inspiration to us all.

If you are interested in volunteering, we would love for you to join us at the warehouse. Please take a look at our Events Calendar for available dates and times.

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