Book Celebrations

In the 2018-2019 school year, we distributed more than 276,000 books to over 40,000 kids in Houston at book celebrations we hosted at 66 partner schools. 

Spring 2019

(Schools are Houston ISD unless otherwise noted)

Bellfort Early Childhood Center | Braeburn Elementary Burbank Elementary | Coop Elementary | Crespo Elementary | Cunningham Elementary | Davila Elementary | De Zavala Elementary | DeAnda Elementary | DeChaumes Elementary | Dogan Elementary | Durkee Elementary | Elrod Elementary | Emerson Elementary Farias Early Childhood Center | Fonwood Early Childhood Center | Franklin Elementary Frost Elementary | Gregg Elementary | Halpin Early Childhood Center Harris Elementary | Hines-Caldwell Elementary |Hobby Elementary Jefferson Elementary | Kashmere Elementary |Kennedy Elementary Ketelsen Elementary | King Early Childhood Center|Laurenzo Early Childhood Center |Lyons Elementary | Mading Elementary | Marshall Elementary |R. Martinez Elementary | Milne Elementary | Mistral Early Childhood Center |Moreno Elementary | Northline Elementary | Oates Oates Elementary | Patterson Elementary | Piney Point Elementary Pleasantville Elementary| Port Houston Elementary | Pugh Elementary Roosevelt Elementary| Sanchez Elementary | Scroggins Elementary | Seguin Elementary |Shadydale Elementary | Shearn Elementary | Sherman Elementary |Stevens Elementary | Sutton Elementary | Thompson Elementary| Tijerina Elementary| Tinsley Elementary | Valley West Elementary | Whittier Elementary

Winter 2019

Glover Elementary (Fort Bend ISD) | Humble Elementary (Humble ISD) Jack Fields Elementary (Humble ISD) | Lakeland Elementary (Humble ISD) Northbelt Elementary (Humble ISD) | River Pines Elementary (Humble ISD)

Fall 2018

Walnut Bend Elementary | Blackshear Elementary | Lewis Elementary