Better World Books


Founded in 2002, Better World Books takes social and environmental responsibility to heart. So far, they have converted more than 117 million books into over $15 million in funds for literacy and education. In the process, they’ve diverted more than 73,000 tons of books from landfills. We have been blessed to cross paths with them, as they have and will continue to support our program and tens of thousands of at-risk children in Houston by donating more than 130,000 books to our program this year alone!

We couldn’t do what we do without their support, so we want to lend them ours in return. When you are buying books online, we hope that you check out their website first to see what all they have to offer. Click on this link to start your shopping:

If you have books to donate that don’t fit our program, please locate one of their green bins, and give your books and support to Better World Books! There are more than 30 green bins in the Houston area so click on this link to find one near you:

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